Ladies Support Group

The Ladies Support Group – Supporting the BOMVC

The “Ladies Support Group” helps our Choir in numerous ways, and their help has always been much appreciated by the Choir members.

Our ladies organise coffee mornings to raise funds for the Choir to help with travel expenses etc, and they have great expertise and experience in organising and arranging splendid teas for visiting choirs. There are other ways they help our Choir and we all thank them for being so willing to help our cause.

The Ladies Support Group always looks forward to welcoming additional members to their meetings, and all wives and partners will be made very welcome indeed.

Whenever there is a Support Group meeting arranged, they will contact the Choir to make the appropriate announcement. All meetings are held in Room 1 of the Christian Community Centre at 7.l5pm. If there has to be a change of venue this information will be made known at the time of the meeting details.

Volunteers for kitchen duties and waiting are always welcomed.