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The Choir has a current membership around 18 male singers in the categories of First Tenor, Second Tenor, Baritone and Bass. Members come from throughout Torbay and many are retired or semi-retired. None of the members would consider themselves as being star performers, we are very average singers, however, as a body of men, we create beautiful harmonies.

The Choir sings a wide selection of secular and sacred songs. We are not associated with any particular faith, however as many pieces of sacred music have been so beautifully arranged for male voice choir singing, these feature strongly on our concert programs.

As with all Male Voice Choirs, we do have members leaving the choir from time to time, particularly the more senior members and we are therefore very keen to welcome new members.

Despite concerns to the contrary, most men can sing and hold a fair note. A degree of attendance commitment and self discipline are required in order that the Choir can continue to maintain its record of polished performances.

How To Join

Choir Publicity and Recruitment (Click to view)

Many new members have joined the Choir following their attendance at one of our concerts. Should you find delight in our singing at a concert, please introduce yourself to any choir member. You will then be introduced to our personable Musical Director, Ron Burrington.

You are invited to sit in during one of our rehearsal evenings. The Choir rehearses most Thursday evenings, 7.15 – 9.00 pm, at the Christian Community Centre, Fore Street, Brixham.

Please contact us prior to your attendance at rehearsal, to confirm that in fact we will be rehearsing (occasionally concerts or other circumstances result in a rehearsal being cancelled), and so that you will be met and warmly welcomed on your arrival.

Following your initial attendance you will be invited to rehearse with the Choir. If you have had no previous Male Voice Choir experience you will be given a very simple voice test to ascertain your voice range so that you can be placed in the most appropriate section of the Choir. You will be placed with an experienced member of the Choir who will act as your mentor. After a few weeks you will be re-assessed to make sure you are comfortable and in the right section.