Another Successful Annual Dinner

The choir’s Annual Dinner for 2019 was held in the Redcliffe Hotel, Paignton on Friday 8th February. As usual the hotel staff played their part in providing an excellent meal and were also very attentive with outstanding service to us on the night. Attended by just over 70 guests, slightly down on the original numbers due to seasonal flu etc, a good evening was had by all. As coffee was served some of the lads joined together to provide some entertainment. Singing a very well known sea shanty, ‘A Drop of Nelsons Blood’, they gave a rousing rendition, engendering some much appreciated audience participation in each chorus. These social occasions are an important part of choir life and enable choir members and their partners to enjoy some time together. A very full raffle of 43 prizes was held, raising a good amount for choir funds. Thanks of course must go to all those who played their part in organising the evening being first class from beginning to end.
Alasdair Anderson, Chairman BOMVC

Chairman Alasdair Anderson gives his speech

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